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Big Noise Films and The Film Store have come together to offer a COVID safe, affordable, fluid Multicam solution with the aim of capturing creative, unique, bold performances from artists. We have all had enough of self taped / zoom content so let’s get back to cinematic styles and raise the content game back up

We have put together an A-team of huge experience to facilitate this, a team that has worked side by side as colleagues and friends for over a decade.


Henry Coulam is an experienced technical director and broadcast consultant. He routinely works across projects ranging from international adventure documentary to prime-time multi-camera entertainment. With a reputation for devising bespoke solutions for particularly challenging shoots, he has built up a
client-base including Netflix, The BBC, ITV, Channel4, Amazon and shot with artists such as The Who, Calvin Harris, Little Mix and Chase & Status.

Henry has been consulting on how to bring productions to life during the lockdown, perhaps most notably the BBC’s landmark documentary Hospital, which involved six crews filming at the hospital at the epicentre of the UK’s Covid-19 response.


Ed Coleman is a multiple award nominated director working across Live music, documentary and branded content. His passion for music and film has led him to work with some of the world’s biggest artists including:
Slipknot, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, Slipknot, Ellie Goulding, Skepta, Arctic Monkeys, Garbage, Martin Garrix and The Muppets!


Amy James is a producer with huge experience shoot producing and Executive Producing all over the world for the world’s biggest acts including Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, Kylie, to name a few. Having Amy back from Exec producing in LA as part of the team is a huge asset to us all.


Dave Emer has over twenty years of experience at the top of the entertainment industry. A prolific Camera Supervisor, with credits including the MTV Awards, Glastonbury, Comic Relief, The Jonathan Ross Show, and Mercury Prize , to name but a few.

Dave has successfully carried out a couple of high profile shoots during lockdown for events at Buckingham Palace and Parliament Square, which formed parts of the BBC’s coverage of the 75th VE Day celebrations.


This A team of the best camera men in the game have worked together across award winning TV shows, music broadcasts, concert films and documentaries over the last decade and beyond.

Gareth Beeson, Bud Gallimore, Martin Roach, Liam White.

All DOP’s and supervisors in their own right this team will deliver a seamless and safe approach to filming in these unprecedented times.


– Risk Assessments drawn up in line with APA shoot guidelines in consultation with talent management and client.

– Clear, in depth H&S briefing both at the beginning of each shoot day and after lunch

– Staggered call times

– Small Unit. Operating with a skeleton crew will keep cost down too

– Fully wireless workflow to reduce rig and de rig times, as well as reduce trip hazards

– Remote viewing facility to keep clients distanced from the ”set”

– Additional monitoring stations can be spaced 2 metres apart to avoid clusters of people on set.

– Set to be marked out with space markers for social distancing

– Radios to be sanitised, bagged and labelled – no radio sharing

– Radio mics and in-ears to be sanitised and bagged 72 hours before a shoot and only handled by talent on location

– All hire equipment and props to have been thoroughly sterilised prior to rig

– We will only work with suppliers that have a robust business continuity plan in place

– We will have a roster of standby crew in the event that anyone shows symptoms 14 days prior to the shoot

To facilitate a safe working environment and prevent the spread of Covid-19, we’ve drawn up health and safety measures in line with current Government and WHO guidelines.

Additionally, we will take further shoot specific precautions as detailed in the APA Shooting Guidelines released 11th May.


– Location must be able to accommodate safe filming practices
– Initial location research carried out remotely
– Alcohol-based (65%+) sanitisers will be available throughout locations and in any vehicles
– Social distancing to be used throughout – no crew member to work with 2 metres of another
– Common areas / holding areas to be outside wherever possible
– One location per shoot to prevent unit moves
– Location to be well ventilated
– Locations to be cleaned ahead of any shoot where possible
– Crew to bring their own lunch and provide their own water bottles



– To use Talent owned options where possible
– Fittings to be done at home before shoot
– Steam Cleaning / Heat treatment to be discussed with department


– Kit unique for each talent
– Barbicide disinfecting process in place
– Talent to do own touch ups where possible


– Production to have supplies of PPE (face-masks, latex gloves) + enhanced PPE for
different situations.

– Hygiene stations to be set up in space at all locations

– Health etiquette information to be clearly viable at all times at all locations

– Individual departments to be responsible for own hygiene

– Provision of safe disposal of PPE after use

For more ambitious briefs, we can subcontract specialist H&S practitioners with the capacity to provide an enhanced first aid framework, crew dedicated medical positions, provide PPE and carry out Covid sampling and testing.

As outlined above, we will be strictly adhering to the APA Shooting guidelines across all aspects of production.


Enhanced PPE available and essential to anyone needing to break Social Distancing rules.


To facilitate a safe working environment the below is an outline of the guidelines we will be working strictly to.

Big Noise Films & The Film Store will put together a series of creatives to complement individual artists styles and requirements, with locations and solutions that sit within the current government advice on social distancing.

Our main focus is safety within the execution of any filming. This will be backed up with our unique approach for creating cinematic shoots to deliver enhanced content for labels, artists and TV Broadcast, while keeping a creative originality at the core.

Let’s use the current situation to develop ideas and concepts that work with the social distancing guidelines but also think outside the
box. Utilising locations closed due to COVID-19 such as Art galleries, Museums, Theatres and Zoos, or even artist homes.

We will also look at developing creatives based outside / remote locations where distancing is easy, Parks, Heath lands, beaches, abandoned warehouses etc… All dependent on the creative direction we need to adhere to.

There will be different packages available with a Premium option shooting on Arri Cameras / Angineux Lenses and a Cheaper Sony / EF option.

We will also offer onsite BTS to promote across social platforms.


We are really excited at the prospect of having this amazing team together to facilitate
some great content capture & multi cam livestreams.

All of the concepts / ideas above are very much open to discussion and development.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you

Ed & Henry

+44 78622 54070

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